Capel Manor 2014

I hope we will having some thing like this soon 🙂 😉

Bonsai Eejit

Thanks to Dan for sharing these photos from the Capel Manor Show last weekend. The exhibition is hosted by the Enfield Bonsai Group.

Here are some of the winning trees, displays, club displays and even a few from the John Armitage demo. John did a demo on 2 trees, Juniper was made from £25 material showing what you can achieve for not much cash. The 2nd tree was a cork bark elm, again affordable material – work was done with an aim to air layer into a clump in the spring.

A final note to pass on my condolences regarding Ray Ward from Sussex Bonsai who was also Vice chair of FOBBS, who sadly passed away on Wednesday this week. He did an amazing job creating their club display  at the show and was a prominent and much liked man in the British bonsai community.

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workshop with Ian and Phill in Dublin

Last weekend we have had another workshop with two well talented bonsai artists( Ian Young and Phill Donnelly). It happened in Dublin with co-operation with Leinster Bonsai Club ( thanks for hosting us) . It was busy day as usually. Here are some pictures, not many , I was to busy to take more 🙂 😉


some of us still sleeping

not him anyway

Dublin Bonsai

Bonsai Eejit

Leinster Bonsai Club had their first workshop on Saturday with myself and Phil trying to keep them in line. A great bunch of guys. Two of the Munster Club members came up for the day as well even though we had a workshop with them three weeks ago! We must be doing something right 🙂

We are a tough lot, an open air workshop in October in Ireland, great when the sun was out but Baltic when it dropped behind the house.

A big thank you for John for hosting the day and to Owen for organising it. Owe was gutted when he had to miss the session due to something called work on some remote Scottish Island!! Unlucky mate but we survived without out you. [Stop it Ian that’s cruel, he feels bad enough as it is 🙂 ]












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