Let start 2016 – first workshop

We are have pleasure to welcome all bonsai interested to our first workshop in 2016 with Ian Young and Phil Donnelly from NIBS. The event is going to take place 06/02/2016 10.00-17.00 as usually in Mark’s place.

Lovely atmosphere, and lots of knowledge, snacks and tea…

All interested are very welcome and pleas contact me at 0867705560 or twinsrat.bonsai@gmail.com


2015 in our club

2015 was pretty busy year for Monster Bonsai Club

January workshop

NIBS March workshop

Experience Japan in Dublin (our first exhibition )

Summer workshop in Bunratty “Bud” garden center

The Bonsai Experience Belfast ours mother club exhibitions, with some ours trees on display

Autumn workshop

Workshop in Belfast at NIBS

plus monthly club meetings. I hope it was well worth to join us and get that all.

The coming 2016 is going to bring more events…