Let play display

twinsrat bonsai

I’m going to put some display at Experience Japan Day in Phinix park, Dublin this coming weekend. There we have my choice for the day.

All of those trees need to get the final touch, but it will be general layout. Pleas do not hesitate and comment. All comment will be useful to all my followers and me myself.

Plus the event will take place in Phinix Park, Dublin on Sunday 17th at 11.00-4.00 pm. All are very welcome.

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Saturday Bonsai Morning @ “Bud” garden centre

Last Saturday we had another lovely morning  in Bunratty “Bud” garden centre.

Typical spring meeting/workshop: re-potting, cleaning- light spring pruning and general advice. Some pictures below.

Hary’s over 20 years old ash. Before and after re-potting.

Steven’s Box before and after re-potting

Rey’s media juniper before and in styling proces

Kieran  trees

Piotr’s Juniper before and after re-potting.

see you all at next time