Munster Bonsai Club was created at the beginning of 2013 to connect bonsai enthusiasts in the Provience of Munster helping them get together and share in the Art of Bonsai.

 Halfway through 2012, two bonsai beginners from Cork who had never met started their adventure with bonsai. After two months of searching for other bonsai enthusiasts in the area,  they soon realised that there were no local bonsai clubs in Ireland! They decided to form a club/study group  that would meet regularly to share their bonsai experience, theoretical and practical knowledge.

They made contact with Northern Ireland Bonsai Society, now our sister club, and they now offer training sessions and workshops with the top bonsai artists in Ireland.

 MBC is more than happy to take on new members who would like to learn and promote this beautiful art, so if you are reading this, then probably you are a bonsai enthusiast just like us. Don’t hesitate, contact us and help further bonsai in Munster. You are welcome no matter if you are young or old, beginner or expert, good looking or not… because we want to be grow the art of bonsai in Ireland.

Munster Bonsai Club is a member of the newly created Bonsai Ireland Hub linking together bonsai enthusiasts across Ireland.


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