Workshop County Clare

Bonsai Eejit

In efforts to spread the bonsai word to all of Ireland, we now venture to Bunratty in County Clare. This time we add a new partnership to the mix with the newly opened Bud Garden Centre. The Munster Bonsai Club guys, as usual, are pushing to spread the art of bonsai and this time around we move from County Cork, right up to Clare. This gives a great opportunity to any bonsai interested folk in the west to take part. On the edge of Connaught, we open up a new portion of Ireland to wee trees. If you are reading this and are thinking of taking the plunge, be assured that none of us take ourselves to seriously, and that the main aim of the day will be to play with wee trees, make new friends and learn in an enjoyable friendly atmosphere. As a wise woman once said…

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Bonsai Exhibition in the Phoenix Park

Owen's Bonsai

Today the two Bonsai clubs in Southern Ireland came together for there first ever Bonsai exhibition and for me it was a real treat. If you think of it the Munster Bonsai Club is only 16 months old and our Leinster Bonsai Club is a mere 10 months old and if I do say so my self we’re doing ok. We still have mountains to climb to be at any outstanding level but everybody starts somewhere 🙂


Not a bad place to start 🙂


Cow Shed ????

On with the Prep work…







Putting the trees into their place for the day is not as easy as it looks and it did take a few goes before it all came together. There is so much involved in exhibition, Tree, Accents, Scroll, Spacing, What tree to put next to this tree or that tree, it really is an art in itself. As this is our first…

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