Programme for Bonsai Eejit school 23-3-19

Here is the programme for next Saturday’s school/teaching session;

Munster Bonsai Club School in Partnership with Ian Young (Bonsai Eejit)

Saturday 23rd March 2019 10am to 4 pm


  • Introduction and seasonal issues discussion. This will be a starting point for all school sessions to cover any worries members are having with their trees and how to cope with what the weather is throwing at us.
  • A discussion on early season feeding and repotting aftercare will be included in this portion of the day.

Inspired by Natives

  • A short Powerpoint looking at Native trees and how they can inspire our own bonsai design.

Air Layering Theory

  • A run through on how when why and what we air layer both via flip chart and Powerpoint.

Noelanders Trophy 2019 Gallery

  • Looking at trees in exhibition at this years special 20th Trophy and studying how they are presented and prepped for showing.

Break for Lunch Before moving to Tunnel

Tree Critiques

  • Starting of the practical session with critiques of member’s bonsai that they are thinking of entering in exhibition in 2019.

Elongating Species Pruning and Development

  • Looking at our more common elongating species such as Yew, Larch and Spruce and showing how we prune these trees for best results as bonsai.

Airlayering Demo and Practical

  • Putting the theory into practice on a large elm that requires multiple layers. Hands on for members to have a go.

Selection of School Trees

  • New for school sessions in 2019 we plan to select multiple trees, taking them from raw material through to bonsai demonstrating both design and practical techniques step by step done at the right time in the right way. This will be fully inclusive of members ideas on design with trees supplied by Bonsai @Bud