about Peter Warren

We’re looking forward to our workshop with Peter Warren this weekend. If you want to know more about him follow the links below;

peter warren

Peter Warren Bonsai artist Interview by Shinichi Adachi films [2017]

Peter’s own website;  Saruyama.co.uk


Peter Warren workshop update

Good morning Munster bonsai just a quick update about our upcoming workshop with Peter Warren.Saturday starting time is ten o’clock and finishing about five and Sunday it’s nine to four o’clock.anybody who is doing both days can leave there trees over night on the Saturday,they will be locked away to save anyone dragging trees both days.Saturday night we will take Peter Warren out for a meal in limerick city(New crowned champions)so everyone is welcome.it’s a good chance to get to know Peter.Cheers👍

Also Ray from bud garden centre will have some bonsai merchandise for sale on Saturday and Sunday wire pots soil etc

See you there all.