Workshop with Phil Donnelly in pictures

Lovely weekend at workshop with Phil Donnelly and Magic ceramic


Repotting Theory & Practical

The bonsai year is up and running, and it’s re-potting time.

On 2nd March MBC will host a re-potting theory and practical with Ian Young, in Cuan Mhuire Garden Centre, Bruree, County Limerick.

This full day consists of both theory and practice.

Initially Ian will cover the theory of re-potting bonsai trees, addressing;
• does the tree need re-potting & when to do it?
• what pot to choose to match your tree’s needs and how to get it ready.
• what substrates to use and how to prepare them.
• the re-potting procedure, step by step, from tree preparation, to placement & securing to adding substrate and final topdressing.
• how to care for the tree afterwards.
This will be followed by a practical session with all participants repotting trees, either their own, a practice tree or a tree available for purchase. Participants will bring their own materials as much as possible although a full range of substrates, tools and pots etc. will also be available on the day to purchase.
Tea/Coffee and a light lunch will be provided on the day. Cost €25 per person.

Contact Ray on (086)8539528 or to book

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