Club Calendar

Welcome to our Club

6/01/18 meeting in Bunratty 

20/01/18 school day with Ian Young  in Brurre or Mark’s place 

3/02/18 meeting in Bunratty 

17/02/18 meeting in Mark’s place 

3-4/03/18 workshop with Phil Donnelly in Mark’s place. One day reporting second day grafting and styling optionally 

17/03/18 meeting in Mark’s place 

7/04/18 meeting in Bunratty 

21/04/18 meeting in Mark’s place or Japanese day in Dublin 

5/05/18 meeting in Bunratty 

12-13/05/18 workshop with Pavel Slovak 

That would be the dates for first half of the next year. Regards Piotr

All interested in,

please  contact Mark 086 1718505, Ray 086 8539528 or

Our annual member fee 25€

As a sister club to NIBS all ours members are allowed to involve in all NIBS club events . Check out they calendar


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