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13/10/18 meeting in Bud


Munster Bonsai Club first show.

Last Sunday we have the pleasure to put our own first show at Clare Garden Festival Autumn Fair in Ennis Showground. At first I would like to say thank you all attended to that show a specially Ray Egan who arranged the whole lot and Ian Young who give us hand to put all displays correctly in right order. Thank you NIBS, our mother club for support and table cloths. Thank you all for your support and preparing your trees.

The first step is always the hardest one, but we did it. Any next one should be essayer.

Thank you Ian Young for the time you spend with us. Your critics on our displays was like a first day in school but I’m sure we took that lesson and we will work harder to improve our displays.

now here we go some pictures from the days

Setting up benches


True moment Ian Young is doing his critics on ours displays


Finally ours displays

And our demo

Ian Young va Bonsai Eejit and Ray Egan happy owner of that lovely pine.