Peter Warren Weekend @ Munster Bonsai Club

Bonsai Eejit

Last weekend I was invited as a guest of Munster Bonsai Club to attend the Peter Warren two day workshop hosted by the Cuan Mhuire Garden Centre in Bruree. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to watch and listen to Peter at work so popped down to road to Limerick to see the action. Peter flies under the radar in the bonsai world, a self confessed self deprecating personality with a unique but practical approach to bonsai cultivation and design, always putting the tree first over the owner. A true tree lover, you could almost call it Budan love 😉

We had two glorious days in the Limerick sunshine and even had to move outside to stop melting at one point. With 6-7 participants each day and a few added observers we had a pretty full house. It was great to meet up with a few people who to…

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Capel Manor 2014

I hope we will having some thing like this soon 🙂 😉

Bonsai Eejit

Thanks to Dan for sharing these photos from the Capel Manor Show last weekend. The exhibition is hosted by the Enfield Bonsai Group.

Here are some of the winning trees, displays, club displays and even a few from the John Armitage demo. John did a demo on 2 trees, Juniper was made from £25 material showing what you can achieve for not much cash. The 2nd tree was a cork bark elm, again affordable material – work was done with an aim to air layer into a clump in the spring.

A final note to pass on my condolences regarding Ray Ward from Sussex Bonsai who was also Vice chair of FOBBS, who sadly passed away on Wednesday this week. He did an amazing job creating their club display  at the show and was a prominent and much liked man in the British bonsai community.

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Collecting in the Hills

As usually lovely day and always something new for us

Bonsai Eejit

Sunday saw us head to a few places where Pines have self seeded from forestry areas and have never been touched. The Pines are mostly Lodgepole Pine but the bark was really nice and some had pretty decent movement. Phil managed to find a nice Hawthorn too.

Here is a some of the action from the day and some nice views around the wind farm as well.

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Saturday’s Workshop

Lovely busy day. Lots of experiences. We need more 🙂

Bonsai Eejit

Saturday saw us driving to Mark’s home where he kindly agreed to host the workshop. His large tunnel was cleared out to give us room to make a mess. Each of the people taking part picked a tree to discuss at the start and we moved swiftly on to getting some work done. Our talk from the Friday night was put into action and we had a little repotting and a lot of carving. Some major airlayering was going on in the garden too with each participant getting the chance to see and assist with the process. A key message of the day was not to do work on a tree at the wrong time. No point wiring a Larch in leaf, or a pine about to open candles or a tree be styled just after repotting. That doesn’t mean that nothing can be done though. We probably achieved more…

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Munster Bonsai Meeting

It was lovely have you here again

Bonsai Eejit

Ok, so it’s Munster not Monster, but these things start small and build. This group are keen to learn and we spent a very wet and windy Friday night in Blackrock Hurling Club waiting for the roof to blow off!! We also covered potting medium and what we are looking for in a mix, carving bonsai, tree critique all at the same time as a Juniper was being styled.

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BSA Exhibition 2014 Part 1

so many lovely trees. It shame we weren’t there. Next time 🙂

Bonsai Eejit

As I sit here sorting through my photos from the weekend two things are clear to me. First, this was without doubt a top quality Shohin exhibition that any country in the West would be proud to be associated with.

Second, I don’t actually think the trees were the best part of the show! I see the other among the tree snaps that have captured the amazing atmosphere at Willowbog Bonsai, a special place. Like minded people doing bonsai how it’s meant to be done. More of these photos at a later time.

The only down point of the weekend was the news that this will be the last BSA Show hosted at Willowbog. Time for the batton to be passed and for the Exhibition to look at pastures new. Peter and Jean have been absolute sterling hosts and their passion for the BSA and this event was there for…

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