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Workshop with Robert Porch, Phil Donnelly and Mike Boxy in pictures


School day program

Saturday 24th November 2018 10am to 4 pm
• Introduction and seasonal issues discussion. This will be a starting point for all school sessions to cover any worries members are having with their trees and how to cope with what the weather is throwing at us.
• Show and Tell Crtitiques
• Members who are willing, bring a tree and tell us about it. This will then be critiqued
• Winter Preparation
• We look at why trees are vulnerable in winter and how to protection them.
• Shohin Display Gallery
• Powerpoint Gallery looking at shohin in exhibition and what guidelines are used for display.
• Shohin Display Practical
• As a group we will use a shohin rack stand and trees to play with the concepts learned in the gallery.
• Members please bring your shohin trees and stands to give us lots of options.
• Pot Selection
• Powerpoint and Discussion looking at options to consider when selecting a pot for our trees.
• Deadwood
• An extra school topic in case we have time. Power point looking at deadwood in nature and on trees explaining what we are trying to achieve when we use deadwood on our trees.