4 thoughts on “Next meeting”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the information!
    I would like to participate, however is going to be my first participation and if possible could you please inform how does it works?
    What is the place address?
    Do I need to pay? If yes, how much it would be the cost?
    How long does it usually takes?
    Is there any other activities in the same place?
    Can I bring my family with me?
    “I know a little about this art because I am growing Bonsai trees for more than 30 years in a tropical climate. I just started growing Bonsai in Ireland, but so far has been very different and difficult in this climate…”
    Many thanks
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    1. Hi Hevandro.
      Yoi are very welcome to Munster Bonsai community.
      Our club has been established over 5 years ago to spread and promote bonsai in south part of Ireland. We are offering monthly meetings, school days with well know bonsai artist Ian Young aka Bonsai Eejiet, and workshops with various professional European artis. There is small annual fee 25€/year to cover our monthly meetings, shows and promotion costs. All other events are paid separate at as low as possible cost. Our full year calendar will be updated shortly. Our next public open meeting will take place 9th of February in “Bud” garden center in Bunratty, co. Cler from 10-1pm or longer. We usualy have some of ours trees to do a bit of work on or get some advice. Hope see you there. Regards Munster Bonsai Club

      1. Thanks for the swift reply.
        I am fine paying the annual fee and would like to participate/colaborate. Is it possible to start on the next meeting on the 19th? If yes where it is going to be held?
        Thank you

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