Saturday’s Workshop

Lovely busy day. Lots of experiences. We need more 🙂

Bonsai Eejit

Saturday saw us driving to Mark’s home where he kindly agreed to host the workshop. His large tunnel was cleared out to give us room to make a mess. Each of the people taking part picked a tree to discuss at the start and we moved swiftly on to getting some work done. Our talk from the Friday night was put into action and we had a little repotting and a lot of carving. Some major airlayering was going on in the garden too with each participant getting the chance to see and assist with the process. A key message of the day was not to do work on a tree at the wrong time. No point wiring a Larch in leaf, or a pine about to open candles or a tree be styled just after repotting. That doesn’t mean that nothing can be done though. We probably achieved more…

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